The “spiritual journey” goes on—as it should.   
It goes on, and on, and on, and on . . . and on.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. – Izaak Walton –


Welcome and thanks for joining me here at the “R and R” website.

The acronym “R and R” can mean different things to people depending on a particular situation or intended purpose.  Here are some of the more common meanings it can have.

        • Rest and Relaxation/Recreation/Recuperation
        • Rants and Raves
        • Remove and Replace
        • Read and Reflect
        • Recollect and Realize
        • Rock and Roll
        • Reward and Recognition
        • Refuse and Resist!

In the case of this blog site, I am using “R and R” in more than one sense.

In a less obvious sense, I take it to mean “Rants and Raves.” The site serves as a board for posting, sharing, and conveying observations or comments of how the spiritual journey has been for me, based on personal experience and unfoldment in this tightrope walking act referred to as living between two worlds. I hope to accomplish this in a direct straightforward manner as may befit a covered subject matter.

In a subtler yet firmer purpose, the site is an opportunity to raise awareness about points and issues in areas of human or religious beliefs, faith or spiritual crisis, error, and spiritual practice, where there is a need to undertake “Remove and Replace” operations and procedures. Remove the error entertained in the human mind, and replace it with a truth principle rooted in spiritual consciousness. There are aspects of the Truth teaching that I now know and understand at a deeper level, which I did not as much before; and there are certainly spiritual traps and pitfalls I could have easily avoided to hasten the journey, had I known about them at all or simply better understood their threats to my greater mystical unfoldment then. Spiritual wisdom resulting from soul illumination that has developed and accumulated over the years can benefit others along the spiritual path, too. In fact, that is the social purpose underlying every individual’s spiritual awakening—that others may awaken thereby, too.

Furthermore, there are situations where, by virtue of their well-placed efforts, earnest Truth students or aspiring mystics deserve encouragement and some form of “Reward and Recognition” to help them muster more energy for their journeys. The site can then function as an appreciation tool for them. We all need a little pat on the back or a note telling us we’re okay and doing just right.

Conversely, there are the fraudulent quacks and charlatans (phony or misguided teachers and practitioners of spirituality) who promote patently false teachings or half-baked mystical teachings. These are “the blind leading the blind,” or the blind people who think they know what the elephant looks like by touching merely one part of the animal. They deserve to be unmasked for the outrageous lies and deceptions they foster and sow, and for the confusion or doubts with which they fester hapless innocent souls and earnest seekers. The blogs posted in this website are a clear and loudly reverberating warning and message to everyone else to “Refuse and Resist!” them.

As I undertake blogging activities here, I take time off correspondingly from doing cyberspace work at The Mystical Path, our main spiritual learning site here at WordPress, too. Consequently, this site is a “Rest and Relaxation/Recreation/ Recuperation” healing stop for a human world-weary soul such as mine, though it may as well be a “Rock and Roll” fun time forum for the mind after all has been said and done!

Ultimately, as someone suggested, the blogs are messages to “Read & Reflect” on. If they pluck a string and play a chord in your heart and resonate with you, then harness the energies they will awaken from deep within you in spiritual contemplation: Recollect & Realize.

Marc of Contemplative Pathways
28 Février 2018