The Journey‘s Goal


If you make your spiritual practice an integral part of your lifestyle, your practice will always be part of living your life. It will seep into your daily awareness and come out in time like a beautiful fragrant flower in the mind that will bear the sweetness of spiritual fruitage in your life. ☺️

Success is not the goal of the spiritual journey, but to TRY DAILY, to keep on trying no matter what, is the goal. Zen Buddhism teaches that it is more important to keep climbing the mountain than it is to reach its summit.
Zen Proverb on "Climbing the Mountain" It is in trying that actual traction is produced along the spiritual path when we do our practice, and the traction you generate becomes your journey’s mileage.

In speaking of centering prayer or contemplative meditation as a spiritual practice, Fr. William Meninger, OCSO, an associate of Fr. Thomas Keating in the centering prayer movement, says quite directly: “You can never fail if you try. To try is to do it.” (at time 22:26 of the video below).

Trying produces traction
along the path.

Painting of Tibetan 4-armed Buddha

Do not keep putting off practice, thinking that another location or another time would be more suitable.

Nothing is better than the present moment. Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, bring your life to the path.
Chamtrul Rinpoche

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