The Still Mind

Read and reflect on this truth.

To the mind that is still,
the whole universe surrenders.
😌 — Lao Tzu —                             

STILLNESS OF MIND — That is the stargate to Infinity, and it is right where you are at this very moment. You can enter the stargate at any time and pass through it into a transcendent experience of perfect good.

You do not need a key to unlock it because it is an open portal in consciousness beyond human time and space. All you have to do is to release the weight and burden of your humanhood at any given point in earthly time and space.

It is the “eye of the needle” and the “razor’s edge” alluded to in scriptures. Only the pure consciousness that you are can pass through this “eye of the needle.” Only the Spirit that you are is weightless and ephemeral enough to walk over this “razor’s edge” without being cut by it.

No One Saves Us

Acknowledgments To: Rohia Munavar and The Teachers Digest for the featured image on this blog.

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