The Joy of Knowing… Who You Are

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To a foundling orphan, growing up without finding out answers to questions of who and why can be hurtful. That hurt can stay hidden for years, swept under the rug of having to live out a current lifetime, despite the love and care one might receive from foster parents.

But finding out the answers can be healing. It can bring closure, too. Knowing the answers can bring profound joy — the fullness or completeness that comes with the sheer joy of finally knowing . . . who you are. It’s natural after all. The self-awareness in our humanity is wired-up to seek the answer to the ultimate question of who we are.

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Alternative Edens

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We know very little of our past history as a species. That incomplete self-knowledge has left us, humanity, crippled with a narrow, limited view of ourselves, resulting in ignorance, dogmatism, intolerance, division, conflict, and a general lack of collective self-worth.

Here are documentaries that suggest or propose alternative views and interpretations of the origins of humanity and the rise of the human condition, drawn from various sources and levels of understanding.

In Search of Eden

(Acknowledgements to CAPTAIN BLACK for publishing the video on YouTube.)

Kingdoms of Sumeria

(Acknowledgements to Viper TV-Docs for publishing the video on YouTube.)
(Acknowledgements to Viper TV-Studios for publishing the video on YouTube.)

Decoded Extraordinary Sumerian Tablets

(Acknowledgements to Viper TV-Studios for publishing the video on YouTube.)

Ancient Sumerian Postulated Origins of Humanity

(Acknowledgements to Viper TV-Studios for publishing the video on YouTube.)
(Acknowledgements to Viper TV-FILMS for publishing the video on YouTube.)
(Acknowledgements to Viper TV-Studios for publishing the video on YouTube.)

Pre-Ice Age Civilizations

(Acknowledgements to Jens Møller for publishing the preceding video on YouTube.)

The Hidden Origins of the Human Race

(Acknowledgements to MegalithomaniaUK for publishing the preceding videos on YouTube.)

The Hidden History of Humanity

(Acknowledgements to Monadic Media for publishing the video on YouTube.)

A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story

(Acknowledgements to The 5th Kind for publishing the video on YouTube.)

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