Just One Minute

It’ll take only ONE (1) MINUTE of your time.

Let’s do this really simple spiritual gesture for good in our world. 🙂


There are 1,440 minute in a 24-hour day. Of those 1,440 minutes, spend just one (1) minute calmly, silently, quietly remembering that:

“God-activity is the only activity there is: Only God-activity is expressing in my life and in the world.”

You can substitute the words “the world” — with “my world” or “our world” as you may feel led to do so.

No special posture or position is needed. No special place or location is required. You do the practice right where you may be at the moment, taking a safe quick break away from your current human activity.

During that one minute, stay with that thought completely; AND feel it to be true for yourself and everyone else, as you inhale and exhale slowly and deeply.

When the minute has passed, release it to the vast ocean of time. Let it go gratefully, joyously. Then forget it as you continue with the rest of the day.

COMMIT one (1) minute of your day, every single day, to do this very simple practice.  Give that minute away as your personal gift to the world. Do it purely in God-awareness with no other thought or concern at that moment. It does not matter when or where you do it.  Just do it.

Use this one-minute timer video on your laptop or mobile phone screen if you wish:

Thanks to ShareFaith.com for the use of the one-minute timer video widget at http://images.sharefaith.com/images/3/1425669351521_86/img_mouseover3.mp4.)

Over time, you may feel led to doing this one-minute contemplation practice several times during the day through the day or night. Do so freely and gladly knowing that your contemplation is taking root and growing in your individual awareness. This is how meditation develops — with baby steps — one short little step at a time.

By this small gesture, let us consent to let God be the sole activity in our lives and in the world. Let your one-minute contemplation bring whatever wonderful good it will bring to you and to the world.

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So, do the 1-minute contemplation; then shake your groove thing . . .

Picture of One-Minute MeditatorA moment of contemplation with me. 😉

Image of Thumbs-Up Smiley

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