Winner of the 2019 S.F. Award


We are pleased to announce that our affiliate learning site, The Mystical Path, has received the 2019 San Francisco Award for Best of Business in the category of “meditation center.”

Image of S.F. Award
2019 San Francisco Award

The award was given by the San Francisco Award Program covering local businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can read about the award presentation at their website, or you can download a copy of it.

We thank the followers of The Mystical Path for their continuing support of its mission.

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Image of Thumbs-Up SmileyDiscover, learn, see and feel the difference!

Experience a unique and pure kind of higher spirituality through us, a unitive spirituality. It’s practice is simple, easy and lean — shorn of religious beliefs, dogmas, doctrines and cultural trimmings in the form of rites, rituals and traditions. At no point in modern times has the learning and practice of mysticism been made available so DIRECTLY, so SIMPLY and so EASILY than through our methodology and presentation.   

We offer a spirituality that is rooted in the teachings of nondualistic oneness. It captures and embodies authentic mysticism in a very concise and direct manner. It is practiced and exercised using a proven methodology that is scientific and mystical at the same time. You will find it to be highly transformational in consciousness and totally empowering to the Soul.

Discover the true nature of God and the meaning of life.  Learn the purpose of your existence and the reason behind all human suffering. The mystical teachings are timeless yet urgently relevant today in our lives. They are profoundly true yet remarkably truly simple in their message.

We are the only true contemporary mysticism that is born of 21st century illumination and spirituality.

Download our electronic flyer for your perusal. Travel with us along the mystical path of life.   Explore and advance your spiritual journey at The Mystical Path.

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Thank You, Barry!

FeaturedAnimated "Thank You" calligraphy writing GIF

A very, very heartfelt . . .
Animated "Thank You" calligraphy writing GIF
. . . to BARRY O’BRIEN for his gift to us of a brand new laptop.

Barry gave a “Dell Inspiron 15 7000” laptop for the benefit of our spiritual ministry and work in teaching contemporary mysticism and promoting the mystical life in a 21st century setting.  His generosity and kindness return to him infinitely in oneness. ☺️


Picture of Barry O'Brien with Rita Sarathy
Barry O’Brien (left) with Rita Sarathy (right) at the Ramagiri Ashram, Tomales, California, last year
during the memorial for Eknath Easwaran, founder of the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation (BMCM).

If you desire to similarly help and partner in our spiritual work and ministry as other spiritual friends and patrons are doing, please go visit our GoFundMe page at:, where you can learn how you can help our cause and how you can benefit by giving your support.

Graphics banner image of "Contemplative Pathways Vision".
Our Vision of a Spiritually Awakened World and an Illumined Humanity

BE ONE with our mission, our ministry, and our work.  There is no greater good than God’s own perfect work.

Note:  This message of appreciation appeared earlier at our Facebook pages: The Mystical Path and A Contemplative Life;  and at our other WordPress sites at Contemplative Pathways and The Mystical Path. Our acknowledgment goes to for the animated calligraphy GIF images used.

Contemplative Pathways
Contemplative Pathways Logo representing Oneness and Infinity
We work in the consciousness of Oneness for your illumination and healing.
We press the grapes of contemplation in the vineyards of the Spirit
where workers are always welcome.

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