Facebook Rears Its Ugly FASCIST Face


The FASCIST management of Facebook is blocking and preventing me from posting and sharing certain videos and matters on my Facebook page.

Facebook Fascism Cover (cropped)

The particular video (published below), which I am pointing out in this blog and highlighting as a recent example, is about the ill effects of 5G cell phone technology microwaves on human organisms, as experienced and reported out in the video by individuals who lived under the ominous shadow of a 5G wireless technology tower. Check out the video to see the entities, things or interests that Facebook is protecting insidiously and hiding rabidly from public exposure and scrutiny through its exercise of unwarranted censorship.

Why is Facebook suppressing the video? Why does Facebook not want the video to be shared publicly by its users? Why does Facebook not want the video to be further disseminated and viewed publicly at its site? What is Facebook hiding by censoring the video’s sharing and posting on its pages? What or whose interest is Facebook serving and protecting by hiding the video from the public at large? These and other questions have been stirred up by their act of censorship like angry hornets threatened and agitated at their nests.

There are definitely other matters and things of current concern that are being censored by Facebook in the pursuit of its fascist agenda. Consequently, I shall make this post an ongoing and open one to which I shall identify and include such other matters as they surface or as they may be encountered and experienced in Facebook.

It is time to STOP Facebook’s brand of fascistic censorship. People have to unite and publicly denounce such suppressive, freedom-eroding activities. They have no place in a free and open democratic society. Pending that, I say fuck its Zionist founder.

Indeed, the people who operate Facebook have no moral scruples, according to a prudently discerned well thought-out and well-written blog published online by the “Wintery Knight.”

What kind of people work at Facebook?  They are not moral people.  They do not understand basic human rights.  They do not respect free speech and they don’t value diversity of opinion.  They are ignorant, intolerant, close-minded, bigoted fascists. [Emphasis supplied.]

Do you want to know what’s ticking inside Facebook Mr. Zuckerberg’s chest? Watch the following video and learn from its message. He is part of an unrecognized cabal. Like his colleagues, he is out to manipulate mankind — to re-make humanity in his own ugly image and likeness!

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