The ONE Life

Never, never think or believe that you are living only a human life of your personal own and/or that you are not actually living the divine life of God, despite all outer appearances to the contrary.


Contemplate this truth always.
The life that you are living at this present moment, including all its past and future moments, is GOOD and PERFECT, despite how problematic, painful, despicable or abhorrent it may appear humanly to you, because it is God’s life, GOD LIFE — the infinite perfect life of God — that is living itself in and through you, as You!

The failure to see, realize and understand that statement of truth does not make it an untruth or a falsehood. It merely shows you that the finite human mind with which you are trying to comprehend that spiritual truth does not have the state of awakened total clarity that exists in the stillness and silence of the divine Mind of God. This is the reason why we meditate — to enter into the state of pure clarity and receptivity that exists and operates within the very stillness and silence of the divine Mind, the nature of our infinite spiritual mind.

Do this then:

  1. In silent contemplation, acknowledge and be grateful that it is God’s life and not your personal own that you are living, for there cannot be nor is there any life other than, separate from, or apart from God.
  2. Then, in the inner joy that will subsequently fill your being, rejoice, rejoice in that awareness quietly in your heart, simply for the very reason that it is so.

That is all you need to experience and have: The felt intuitive awareness of spiritual truth. There is no need to mentally rationalize or intellectualize spiritual truth. That is not the purpose or function of spiritual contemplation. In terms of modern-day neuroscience, you merely have to bring the conscious “awareness of truth” past the left-brain hemisphere of the intellect realm beyond the “alpha-theta bridge” and into the right-brain hemisphere of the intuitive mind, to experience the conscious “awareness of truth” through the theta brainwave pattern level of the mind-brain continuum where it can begin to resonate deeply in consciousness and come alive in your individual experience. Make your practice utterly simple and firmly keep it true.

Make your practice simple
and keep it true.

“Whatever purifies you is the right path, I will not try to define it.”
~ Rumi ~

Every individual human being is a faithful authentic reflection of the God-Self in the divine and infinite Mind of God. Since God-Self’s nature is life itself, every single reflected individuation of the God-Self in the divine Mind becomes alive and conscious, and eventually self-aware as the One Life which singularly casts an infinity of its own reflections in the Mirror-Mind of life and existence. This is the true and real meaning of mystical oneness. Remember that as you contemplate THE ONE LIFE of God. There may be many ways to practice attaining the realization of The One Life, but whichever vehicle you choose to ride on the mystical road to wholeness and fullness of being, there is only and will always only be The One Life that is God.

The Man in the Mirror (a spiritual fantasy image)
“Aha! It’s You.”
The Creator looks at Its own living “image and likeness” in the mirror of Its Mind.

Your lifetime now is the right path for you; otherwise, it would not even be your life at all today. Therefore, let it be the most purifying agent for your spiritual transformation.
~ Marc of Contemplative Pathways ~

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