An Abuse Enabler’s Teaching

The following insightful interview of Jon Meacham on the TV program The View is the motivational background of this blog.

[Acknowledgments to The View for publishing the video above on YouTube.]

This “turning of the other cheek” is an abuse enabler’s teaching that has allowed the victimization of numerous individuals and groups and their abuse by wrongdoers, oppressors and persecutors of various kinds for centuries, particularly in the Christian religious culture.

The perpetration of victimization and abuse continues to this very day in the 21st century in both subtle and overt ways. Oftentimes the advice to “turn the other cheek” is sugar-coated and sweetened with overtones of spiritual meekness or religious piety and obedience.

But the sad truth is that such an enabler teaching has facilitated the abuse of people not only by lay wrongdoers but also by Church institution clergymen who desire to keep their flocks in a perpetual steady state of helpless docile submission for exploitation by them in pursuit of their religious agenda or personal motives. I doubt if the Church’s ⛪ interpretation and use of the expression is an actual or true teaching of the real Jesus or would have been how the real Jesus meant it to be if it were indeed a part of his teachings.

Jesus was a person of immense self-esteem and self-respect, a solid man of true character, not a wimp of a man. Under no circumstance would he have been an enabler of personal victimization and abuse to his disciples and followers. The fact is that there are a number of things that the early Christian church has made Jesus out to be which he is not: Foremost of this misguided assertions is the doctrinal teaching that Jesus alone is exclusively the Son of God by nature. Truth is, we, too, — every self-aware human being that has ever been born into the human race — are the Son of God as much as Jesus was, and continues to be, the Son of God.

George Orwell on “Turning the Other Cheek”

What to do then if we find ourselves in a testy situation that could be easily hashtagged as a “turn your other cheek” moment? I submit that we call out the abuser, and we put him/her in place. We should do the same to the abuse enabler if such an enabler’s active influence is at work behind the scene. Clearly at point are the sexual abusers from members of the clergy and the church hierarchy who enable and hide their abusiveness.

We are living now in the 21st century 2018 AD/CE, friends. Enough of the religious bullshit and lies that keep us shackled to the bondage of our human condition. And that, is a definite RANT by me.

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