Early Christian Socialism


Here is something to reflect on.

Socialism as an expression of spiritual oneness will save humanity from itself. That, I believe, is the message of Christianity as viewed from a social, political, economic, and cultural perspective.

The early Christian movement was socialist in nature before Christianity was consolidated monolithically 300 years after its founder into a religious institution to serve the purposes of the state under the emperor Constantine and to preserve the interests of religious theological hardline conservatives who were looking for a way to eliminate the competing gnostic Christian mysticism of the time.

The members of early “churches” or Christian movement communities pooled their material and financial resources into a common community/church fund. The pooled resources were used to enable their members to get by with their individual and family needs and get on with their day-to-day lives on a regular basis; to educate their own community members; to help the less fortunate members of their society such as the handicapped, the sick and elderly, etc.; and to help their poverty-stricken destitute to rehabilitate their lives appropriately in a spiritually proactive manner.

The Christian socialist system was not a free charitable handout to the poor, as the present day Christians tend to make it. It was a solid-based fool-proof method of eliminating social poverty following the Christian concept of “social stewardship” over God-given resources to humanity as a whole. Everyone prospered and thrived in that manner to the extent that those early Christian communities took off the ground as a bankable socio-economic model with astounding rapidity as a cultural, religious and political alternative in contrast to (a) the theocratic Jewish Temple system of sacrifice and cultural oppression and (b) the oppressive authoritarian system of Roman rule and taxation. The early Christian communities became the envy, the object of fear, and the lightning rod of/for Jewish socio-cultural condemnation, persecution and Roman imperial intolerance.

Presently, Christianity is anything but what it was during its first three hundred years of existence. Men tend to repeat the mistakes of the past. And history repeats itself in cycles. As Christians, what are we to do now about this? Where are we going to bring our world in the immediate and distant futures? 🤔

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Think about it.

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