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The Tarot cards are more than a deck of playing cards for human entertainment!

The Tarot cards actually constitute a book of mystical wisdom teachings and profound spiritually transformative messages coded or hidden in visual graphic symbolism and allegorical imagery. Through this system of esoteric symbolism and imagery, the Tarot’s system of mystical wisdom is cloaked from the minds of the uninitiated, unprepared or undeserving.

Furthermore, the visual coding of its wisdom teachings has a subtle yet highly effective manner of penetrating the unconscious levels of the human mind, where the seed messages can take root and germinate over time. Then, when the time is ripe in consciousness, the mystical teaching will come to the fore of the individual’s conscious awareness where its truth can be finally recognized and learned.

Essentially, the Tarot’s major arcana is about the spiritual journey we take through life from the personal perspective of an individual — from the spiritual ignorance of human innocence to mastery of the spiritually adept. It is, also, the paradigm for the evolution of human awareness from its current state in the human condition to the destiny of the human species in the spiritual enlightenment of its innate divinity.

The video below is an excellent presentation and discussion of the Tarot’s esotericism. You can view the video below in its entirety (the first video below), or you can go through a playlist of its segments, a serialized format (the second video) at YouTube. The video’s producer, Robert Bonomo, has done a superb job deserving of praise and compliment.

(Acknowledgement to the Robert Bonomo channel on YouTube for posting the videos above.)


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